Young Carers are children, youth, and young adults who experience an alteration in our family role, different from normal cultural and age expectations, as a result of another family members exceptional need or unique family situation. 
The mission of the Young Carers Project is to educate the community about the existence and needs of young carers and motivate the community to action. Since the project has started we have expanded beyond Waterloo Region and look forward to sharing information and resources with those involved in national and international young carer movements.

Personal Stories

Stories are important to a persons sense of identity and to dealing with experience. Stories stay with people much longer than facts or statistics.

Below are the personal stories of young carers - some are written by young carers themselves (personal stories) and other are fictional profiles of young carers based on children's and young adult books, tv shows and movies. 

The purpose of using fictional profiles created from young carers in popular media is to provide real young carers with examples they can identify with. It also shows they are represented as a population and should open up conversation about the traits. As in real life, Young Carers seem to be overlooked in popular media, but they appear in more places than you'd think

Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers

  • Posted on: June 08
  • By: youngcarer

The ceremony for the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers took place last week on Monday, May 30th, 2016. Watch young volunteers receive the recognition they deserve. Fitsum Areguy, a young carer was one of the candidates. We are all so proud of him and all of the volunteers taking time out and giving back to the community, congratulations!

It's Time to Care for Our (Young) Carers

  • Posted on: April 06
  • By: youngcarer

An article on young carers by Andrea Breen, Assistant Professor at the University of Guelph was put up on National Caregiver's Day on the Vanier Institue blog and the Overcoming Isolation and Deepening Social Connectedness webpage. 

Check it out here!

The Battle of Dementia

  • Posted on: March 01
  • By: youngcarer

Dementia is like a war in your brain, 

except this battle never ends,

you can try and stop it, 

but nothing works. 


Dementia is like a soccer game, 

and the other team is unbeatable, 

the ball just keeps getting kicked around, 

until you give up. 


Dementia is like trying to start a car in the winter,